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Modular Java Workflow Environment
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10 Plus Years of Proven Technology
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Text About Us

The Triana environment was designed as a series of pluggable components, which could easily be integrated with other systems. For example, in cooperation with ISI at the University of Southern California, a custom writer was attached to the Triana GUI allowing Triana to generate Pegasus/Condor input files for the GriPhyN project.

Another exciting future use for the Triana pluggable architecture is as a visual interface for connecting next generation OGSA services as a workflow.

Triana was also part of PPARC funded GridOneD project for creating Java middleware for grid applications. As part of this project we have implemented the ideas published in our Consumer Grid Paper, allowing Triana to be distributed across consumer devices (such as PDA's and mobile phones). This peer-to-peer Triana implementation was based on the Sun's JXTA protocols and our own open source P2P-toolkit API.

Triana was one of two testbed applications for GridLab, a large EU funded project. The aim of GridLab was to develop a simple and robust grid application toolkit (GAT) enabling applications to exploit the power of the GRID. Triana is ready to use GridLab GAT when it becomes available.

Triana is licensed under the Apache open source License version 2.