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TrianCloud Released

Triana workflows can now be run within a cloud environment, through the use of a RabbitMQ12 message broker platform, used for passing tasks around the system. RabbitMQ is an open source message broker-ing system based upon the AMQP13 messaging protocol. It provides a mechanism for systems to pass messages with a high degree of reliability and scalability. As RabbitMQ does not place any limitations on the content of these messages, it is ideal for the Broker to pass any form of data between listening clients?in this case bundles between workflow systems.

A number of recent enhancements have been made during the summer of 2013 for production level deployment. Check it out at github below:

Triana 4 Now on Github.

Triana version 4 is released on github as of dec 2012. Triana 4 is very lightweight (zero dependencies) and totally modular. The aim of Triana 4 is provide very simple means of creating new tools with no XML, no configuration. Just drop your tool into the class path and it will be discovered and ready to use. Triana 4 will also support a variety of interceptors that can modify, examine and schedule workflow execution. Triana 4 can be found here:

WHIP plugin now available

The WHIP plugin is now available as a way to allow you to share and rate your workflows through the online myExperiment community. Using the WHIP plugin, you can automatically launch your local Triana application simply by clicking on a web link. Check out www.whipplugin.org for more information and downloads.